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  Leading-edge Development and Production
  Extensive Product Line-up
 Providing Integrated Solutions
 Global Service Network
Core Competencies

From our base in Japan, Mitsubishi Electric FA Systems has expanded it`s reach through Asia and beyond to the rest of the world resulting in substantial local and global market shares. The key to this success are our six core competences; Direct communication with customers, extensive sales channel, optimum service and support networks, Leading edge development, comprehensive product portfolio and innovative approach to solutions through a wide partner network designed to put the customer at the heart of our business.

CC-Link Open Fieldbus

In cooperation with our network of factories and overseas production bases, our mother factory in Nagoya, Japan, has developed systems and solutions, such as e-F@ctory, that are designed to optimize and strengthen manufacturing and production processes through increased system visibility, increased machine utilisation and increased quality.

Mitsubishi Electric offers a wide-ranging product line-up that includes everything from control devices to drive devices, energy efficiency support equipment, power distribution control equipment and industrial mechatronics.

Partnered with a variety of solutions providers, we provide solutions aimed at further streamlining production.

Our FA systems support manufacturing around the world. Through close collaboration with sales companies, branches and retail stores around the world, we provide the services for our customer needs.

Mitsubishi Electric FA Solutions Support Production Systems in a Broad Spectrum of Industries

Mitsubishi Electric’s FA solutions are not only effective behind the scenes in supporting operations at production facilities, these highly functional, high-performance solutions made possible by sophisticated technical prowess are else an active force throughout the industry. From especially the automotive industry, to food, textile, semiconductor and flat panel display production, as well as equipment and transport systems for office buildings and production facilities, our solutions are highly regarded in a diversity of fields.


We are dedicated to pursuing high quality and high productivity on processing lines at production sites. We also support automotive production around the world, helping to increase productivity and flexibility of automotive assembly lines.


Our FA systems are fully capable of responding to trends toward the production of larger wafer sizes and smaller device features in the semiconductor industry. Demanding industries such as this push our innovation further and higher than before to create high-speed and high-precision drive technologies to meet their productivity challenge.

Printed circuit boards

The printed circuit board industry is facing increasing demands to produce higher density circuits. Our FA systems provide advanced solutions in laser drilling and implementation processes.

Flat panel displays

Our FA systems support facilities that produce leading-edge IT and imaging technologies, and play a significant role in the continuously evolving production of flat panel displays.

Foods · Beverage

itsubishi Electric products are used in various food production processes. Our automation systems are helping in all aspects of food and beverage production from production processes to packaging, from data management to supporting compliance issues, we are there to help.


The textile industry is a tough business; cost sensitive, quality focused, shorter production cycles, smaller production volumes. This diverse set of challenges is a challenge in itself, but advanced technology combined with innovative automation solutions is leading the way.

Saving energy

We realize solutions supporting energy management. These boost your productivity, cut costs, and help save energy.


It is used as equipment for power reception and distribution and air conditioning in highly functional buildings and factories.

Conveyor systems

Our products and systems support a wide variety of distribution and conveyor systems, increasing efficiency and minimizing labor in production and conveyor lines.

Process automation

We contribute to process automation in social infrastructure, including water treatment plants. We offer solutions for monitoring and control systems and more.