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Case studies around the world
Case studies around the world
Platform Industrie 4.0

Country :Germany

Results :Mitsubishi Electric take part in Working Group 1 part of the German Government project to define future manufacturing strategy for the 4th Industrial revolution.

Stadtwerke Rotenburg an der Fulda

Country :Germany

Industry :Waste water treatment

Results :Condition Monitoring System applied to 3 pumps in unmanned treatment station
System cost was recovered after the prevention of two failed drive gearboxs (Ratio of new gearbox cost vs gearbox refurbish cost = 5:1).
20,000 plus local residents experience no inconvenience.


Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe GmbH

Country :Germany

Industry :Pulp & Paper

Results :Condition Monitoring System applied to 26 critical cooling fans in large paper mill.
System cost was recovered after the prevention of one unplanned stop as machine and product damage was eliminated along with unplanned stoppage and recovery time.

Russian Railways

Country :Germany

Industry :Transportation

Results :Reconditioning of thousands of items of rolling stock required complex planning, tracing and tracking.
The automated capture of data at all steps ensured precise records per rolling stock asset; this meant increased safety levels as no assets were missed and reduced asset loss.

Nitto Denko Corporation

Country :Japan

Industry :Electrical and electronics manufacturing

Results :Modernization of existing line required to cope with more model variations of small batch size with fast change over. Operating rate increased 1.6 times, productivity increased 1.3 times, area to productivity ratio increased 2.8 times

Nitto Denko Corporation

Country :Japan

Industry :Electronics

Results :Condition Monitoring System applied to old/existing wiring utilizing Earth leakage monitoring to identify critical cabling.
The system increased plant safety, allowed planned maintenance and full compliance to national regulations.

Maruti Suzuki

Country :India

Industry :Automotive

Results :High levels of automation required to produce 15 brands with more than 150 variants hence “fool-proofing” is required with full reporting in assembly processes to reduce and manage errors.
Reduction in the number of incorrectly fitted parts and the associated rework costs. Associated network complexity and installation space and costs reduced while maintenance become much easier.

Intel Corporation

Country :Malaysia

Industry :Semiconductor

Results :Additional system monitoring to exisiting machinery allowing greater quality control and preemptive action.
After the pilot project Intel estimated future business wide savings of 9m USD.

IIC Testbed

Country :USA

Industry :Industry market analysts

Results :IIC approved “IoT Testbed for Manufacturers” that was jointly presented with Hitachi and Intel to develop a standardized approach to Factory Automation Platform as a Service (FA PaaS) Testbed.

Honda Corporation

Country :Mexico (Japan)

Industry :Automotive

Results :Required a new exible factory data network concept that would support data, safety and control with exible topology.
After successful pillot at their model “mother” factory in Yorii, Japan was utilized in their new plant in Mexico. Bene ts include standardised manufacturing concept, shared operational knowledge easier maintenance

e-F@ctory has gained a strong reputation
in the global market as well.
ARC Research Group

Country :Global

Industry :Industry market analysts

Results :At the beginning of 2016 ARC released a new whitepaper which reviewed the adoption of Smart Manufacturing technologies and highlighted how suitable e-F@ctory was to solving those issues.

Frost and Sullivan

Country :Global

Industry :Industry market analysts

Results :In 2015 Frost and Sullivan recognised Mitsubishi Electric’s e-F@ctory concept with an IIoT innovation award.