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   Automotive/Automotive Parts
  Food & Beverage
  Oil and Gas
  HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning)
e-F@ctory leverages knowledge accumulated to date to find the optimal solution for each industry type and process.

e-F@ctory was launched in 2003 and has helped many companies solve various issues.
From the knowledge accumulated down through the years, e-F@ctory proposes optimal solutions for each industry type and process to achieve productivity and quality improvements, cycle-time reductions, preventive maintenance, “visualization” of energy, energy savings and so on.

Through common platforms and diverse alliances, e-F@ctory offers optimised solutions for vehicle manufacturing plants handling a vast number of parts and processes for numerous different car models, while also striving to improve production speed, quality, safety and environmental performance.

In the electricity and electronics fields, some major issues are how to automate part loading, surface implementation, PCB and unit assembly, and shipment. e-F@ctory provides robots equipped with force sensors and work support systems to help solve these challenges.

Supporting across all levels of manufacturing, a range of solutions from individual process to plant-wide 

Mitsubishi Electric solutions optimise water treatment facilities, minimising initial deployment costs and contributing to more efficient and effective operation.

Mitsubishi Electric provides the rich functionality and proven reliability to help optimise standard automation in the oil and gas industry.

Mitsubishi Electric’s HVAC solutions enhance control and maximise productivity, while delivering the ideal climate within buildings.

Mitsubishi Electric’s smart, efficient and safe logistics systems help optimize supply chain management.