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Terms of Use

The CAD data made available to you through this website remains the property of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation unless otherwise stated by specific exception. By downloading such CAD data you do not acquire any ownership rights of the information, designs or Intellectual Property (IP) pertaining to design, copyrights, patents or trademarks etc, contained within the downloaded CAD files or the data therein.
By using this web based CAD data download service you implicitly agree to the terms of use.
Please note that these terms of use are subject to change at anytime without notice so please check and understand them before downloading any CAD data.

1. By downloading CAD data using this service, you agree to use the data based on an understanding of the following terms.

  1. The CAD data files are provided on the basis they are to be used by professional and qualified engineers who are using or are considering using factory automation or power distribution products offered by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation in their designs of electrical panels/boards, machines or systems.
  2. Such engineers using the CAD data must separately satisfy themselves as to the suitability of the selected products, represented by the CAD data, to the functions the engineer intends to use them for. Using CAD data does not imply suitability.
  3. The downloaded CAD data files may not be used for purposes other than as specified in clause (1).
  4. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation or any of it’s group companies shall not compensate for any damage arising from the use of a downloaded CAD file or data that has been extracted from the downloaded file.
  5. If a downloaded CAD data file comes attached with separate conditions of use, then those conditions must also be complied with.
  6. Files offered for download from this service are subject to deletion or modification without prior notice.
  7. Downloaded CAD files and/or the data held within, may not be modified or reproduced for the purposes of “selling on” or sub-distributing to third parties regardless of whether any commercial benefit is accrued
Search for CAD Data
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Power Monitoring Products
EPLAN Electric P8 (electrical CAD) macro data
You can find EPLAN Electric P8 compliant electrical CAD macro data for over 2,300 factory automation and power distribution products made by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation on the EPLAN Data Portal. These include products within the product groups:
  • Low-voltage circuit breakers,
  • Programmable Controllers (PLCs),
  • Drive’s and
  • Human machine interfaces (HMIs)
The number and range of products supported will be updated and expanded on an ongoing basis.

Note: EPLAN, EPLAN Electric P8, EPLAN Data Portal are the “marks” and property of EPLAN Software & Service GmbH & Co.KG

All trademarks acknowledged.