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MELSERVO-J5 series supporting a new network, CC-Link IE TSN.

Servo amplifiers feature high responsibility with a speed frequency response of 3.5 kHz, reducing a cycle time of production machines. Rotary servo motors equipped with a high-resolution encoder (67,108,864 pulses/rev) provide stable control by lowering torque fluctuation.

Servo Amplifier

Compatible with CC-Link IE TSN and general-purpose interface.

Rotary Servo Motor

Medium-inertia Motor
High-inertia machine accuracy is ensured. Suitable for machines requiring quick acceleration.

Linear Servo Motor

5 motor series (LM-H3/LM-AJ/LM-U2/LM-F/LM-K2) are available for a variety of applications.

Direct Drive Motor

Best matching for the application which is required low speed and high torque. 4 different frames and 18 motors are available.