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   Drive Products
   Industrial Robots
   FA Software
   Low-Voltage Power Distribution Products
   Power Monitoring Products
   Processing Machines
Drive Products
Sub-Products Description Pub Date
AC Servos-MELSERVO PDF Icon Servo System Family 2016-03
PDF Icon MR-J5 2019-12
PDF Icon MR-JET 2019-11
PDF Icon MR-J4 2017-11
PDF Icon MR-JE 2015-02
PDF Icon MR-J3 2011-01
Inverters-FREQROL PDF Icon FR-E800
PDF Icon Inverter Family
PDF Icon FR-A800
PDF Icon FR-A800 Plus: Roll to Roll Applications
PDF Icon FR-A800 plus Crane
PDF Icon FR-A800 plus Elevator
PDF Icon FR-F800
PDF Icon F800-E
PDF Icon Upgrading and Introducing Inverters
PDF Icon FR-A800
PDF Icon FR-D700
PDF Icon FR-E700
Sub-Products Description Pub Date
Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) – GOT PDF Icon GOT 2000 Series 2019-04
PDF Icon GOT Mobile Function Quick Start Guide 2016-01
PDF Icon GOT Smart Web-Based Remote Solutions 2016-07
Industrial Robots
Sub-Products Description Pub Date
Industrial Robots-MELFA PDF Icon MELFA F Series 2015-11
PDF Icon GMELFA Robot System Solutions 2015-11
PDF Icon MELFA FR Series 2019-03
PDF Icon MELFA Smart Plus 2019-09
PDF Icon MELFA RV-8CRL 2019-12
FA Software
Low-Voltage Power Distribution Products
Sub-Products Description Pub Date
Low-voltage Breaker PDF Icon ACB (SW Series) 2019-12
PDF Icon MCCB (WS-V series) 2018-03
PDF Icon MCCB (MXA series) 2019-04
PDF Icon MCB, RCCB, Isolator (DIN series) 2017-03
Contactors and Motor Starters PDF Icon Contactors (S-N Series) 2001-03
PDF Icon Contactors (S-T Series) 2019-06
Submission Catalogue PDF Icon Product Submission Catalogue(OEM/ SI/ End User)
PDF Icon LVS 6 in 1 Catalogue 2018-12
LCM & After-Service PDF Icon LVS Life-Cycle Management 2019-03
PDF Icon LVS After-Service (ACB) 2015-04
Power Monitoring Products
Sub-Products Description Pub Date
Power Management Meters PDF Icon EcoMonitor Pro series 2006-03
PDF Icon EcoMonitor Plus series 2015-12
PDF Icon EcoMonitor Light series 2017-03
PDF Icon Eco Web Server III 2011-10
PDF Icon Power Meter – ME96SS ver.A 2017-02
PDF Icon Power Meter – ME96SS ver.B 2019-09
Processing Machines
Sub-Products Category Description Pub Date
Electrical Discharge Machines NC-EDM System_EA Series PDF Icon EA8,EA12D,EA30,EA40 & EA50
NC-EDM System_ EA-A Series PDF Icon EA-8A & EA12A
NC-EDM System_EA-VA Series PDF Icon Advance V Technology
CAD,CAM software PDF Icon CamMagic SOFTWARE
Small Hole Drilling Machine PDF Icon RH3525 2012-10
Wire-Cut EDM System_FA Series PDF Icon FA30VA, FA40VM & FA50VM
Wire-Cut EDM System_MV-R Series PDF Icon MV R Series Options
PDF Icon MV1200R & MV2400R
PDF Icon MV-R Series
Wire-Cut EDM System_MV-S Series PDF Icon MV1200S & MV2400S
Wire-Cut EDM System_MX 600 PDF Icon MX 600 Oil Wire Cut EDM
Wire-Cut EDM System_NA Series PDF Icon NA1200 & NA2400
Wire-Cut EDM System_PA Series PDF Icon PA 05S & PA20
Laser Processing Machines PDF Icon CO2 2-Dimensional Fiber Laser Processing Systems 2015-07
PDF Icon CO2 2-Dimensional Laser Processing Systems – eX Series 2012-10
PDF Icon CO2 2-Dimensional Laser Processing Systems – HV2-R Series 2013-08
PDF Icon CO2 2-Dimensional Laser Processing Systems – ML3015eX-S Edition 2013-01
PDF Icon CO2 2-Dimensional Laser Processing Systems – ML3015SR-32XP Edition 2015-10
PDF Icon CO2 2-Dimensional Laser Processing Systems – ML4020RX Edition 2014-01
PDF Icon 3D CO2 Laser Processing Systems – VZ Series 2010-09
PDF Icon Large-size CO2 Laser Processing Machine XL Series 2013-09