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Vision Sensor

Vision sensors can easily automate inspection and measurement, enabling quality improvement.

Light integrated and compact size sensors realize “Easy to Use” in various production lines.

Vision Sensor VS80

Equipped with PatMax RedLine®*1, the VS80 can identify works traveling at high speed. Its compact footprint easily fits into space-constrained area, hard-to-reach area, and is installable on the robot hand. PoE equipped stand-alone vision sensor with reduced wiring.

*1. High-speed/high-accuracy pattern matching algorithm

Vision Sensor VS70

Equipped with PatMax RedLine®, the VS70 can identify works traveling at high speed. Lightings, lenses, and filters can be selected from a wide range of option products, allowing customization according to customer requirements.

Vision Sensor VS20

Simple presence and absence check can be done. A monochrome model and a color model which support color verification are available. Even novice users can make a setting easily and quickly.