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Engineering Software

The PLC engineering environment has undergone outstanding innovation and growth.
We are now entering the era of MELSEC Engineering Software!

MELSEC’s many different software products provide solutions for TCO reduction in an engineering environment, using methods such as improving design efficiency, shortening debugging time, reducing downtime, and data holding.

iQ Works
This integrated software suite includes various programming software for PLC, motion control, and GOT.
GX Works3
The next-generation engineering software contributes to development cost reduction with its intuitive programming environments.
GX Works2
This sequence programming software uses the program assets cultivated by GX Developer to pursue a more comfortable level of operability.
PX Developer
This software enables easy loop control programming with simple drag & drop operations.
MX Component
This Active X controller library enables easy communication processing from the PC and tablet to PLC, without the need for communication protocol awareness.
MX Sheet
Software which uses Excel to easily monitor, log, collect alarm information and change configurations for the PLC.
iQ AppPortal
MELSOFT iQ AppPortal is software used to manage assets integrated for each purpose, such as project files of MELSOFT products or design drawings/documents.
A Field Device managing/setting software which is MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC products and it is corresponding to FDT/DTM open specification. And it can be used as a FDT frame application to set the parameters of Field Device, or to maintain/adjust the device.
Other engineering softwares
Lineup of various software to support the MELSEC Series engineering environment.
Peripheral equipment support tools
Lineup of various free tools that further simplify development of the MELSEC Series.