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Enables precise control for your motor.

Allows you to remotely control other loads than motors,such as heaters(resistors) and lighting loads

Non Reversing Contactors

Suitable for switching motors start and stop.
Standard models comply with Japanese and many international standards.

Reversing Contactors

Suitable for AC motor forward or reverse rotation such as conveyor line.
Employs mechanical interlocks for better safety.

Mechanically Latched Contactors

Incorporated mechanical latch relay that maintains constant power even during power cut etc.
Suitable for distribution panels, memory circuits for core systems of buildings or others.

Delay Open Type Contactors

Keeps electricity flowing for 1 to 4 seconds during momentary power failure using the capacitor discharge.
Enables continued load control when the power is restored.

Compact 3 Pole Contactors

Space saving contactor using only 3 pole main contactors without auxiliary contacts.
Auxiliary contact units are also available options.

Optional Parts and Accessories

We have a lot of optional units for Contactors.