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Motor Starters

Protects your motor against risks.

This device is capable of protecting the motor from overload and phase-loss alone.

Non Reversing Motor Starters without Enclosure

Suitable for motor start and stop switching and burnout protection.
Standard models comply with Japanese and many international standards.

Reversing Motor Starters without Enclosure

Suitable for AC motor forward or reverse rotation such as conveyor line.
Employs mechanical interlocks for better safety.

Mechanically Latched Motor Starters

Incorporated mechanical latch relay that maintains constant power even during power cut etc.
Suitable for distribution panels, memory circuits for core systems of buildings or others.

Delay Open Type Motor Starters

Motor starters enclosed in a box for the prevention of electric shocks and accumulation of dust.
Equipped with push buttons that make the switching on and off easy.

Motor Starter with Special Thermal Overload Relays

Lineup featuring protection for motors that have a long startup time or low heat capacity.

Optional Parts and Accessories

We have a lot of optional units for Motor Starters.