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Motor Protection Relays

Motor protection relay that protects your motor against burnout.

Can be used as protection against motor burnout during overload or locked rotor, and offers a wide range of specifications to meet various needs, including protection against overload and phase loss, time lag, quick connect, etc.

Motor Protection Relays without Phase Failure Protection

Protects motors against overload and locked rotor, securing safe operation.
Standard model complies with Japanese and many international standards.

Motor Protection Relays with Phase Failure Protection

Using 3 pole relays, and protects motors against overload, locked rotor, and phase loss.

Motor Protection Relays with Saturable Reactors

Motor protection relays with saturated reactors.
Can be used for motors with a long startup time.

Quick Trip Motor Protection Relays

Motor protection relays with a shorter startup time than standard model.
Can be used for motors that only allow a short time for heat capacity.

Optional Parts and Accessories

We have a lot of optional units for Motor Protection Relays.