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Definite Purpose Contactors

High performance in any usage environment.

To meet the various needs of our customers, we have expanded the range of definite purpose contactors, adding PLC direct control contactors, DC contactors, and more.

DC Interface Contactors

Capable of direct drive with rated transistor output which is 24VDC and 0.1A thanks to the high performance polarized electromagnet.

NC Main Contact Contactors

Equipped with the B contact point as its main contact, and suitable for power switching in motor control or in lamp circuits.

DC Contactors

Suitable for DC motor control of 440V or lower, or for regular DC circuit switching.

Higt Switching Type Contactors

Suitable for applications that require frequent inching operations such as hoists or cranes.

Medium Voltage Vacuum Contactors

High performance, long life, maintenance free contactors featuring vacuum switches, AC operations, and DC electromagnet excitation.

Heavy Duty Clapper Type Contactors

Clapper type contactors capable of high switching rates suitable for controlling cranes, rolling mills, etc.